Men's Linux T-shirt

Men's Linux T-shirt
3.00 lbs
$ 15.00
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Finally! The shirt you have been asking for but with a tweak on the back that we hope you enjoy.

Front: "Friends help friends use Linux..."

Back: "...or not."


Story: Guys had been asking for a Men's version of "Friend's help friends use Linux" shirt, so we went to the Berkeley skate bowl to do a photo shoot. The skater on the front is a kernel-hacker-wanna-be (Jake Malmrose) who grew up in Santa Monica in the heart of where the Lords of Dogtown invented skateboards (surf board + skates = skateboard). While doing the photos, other skaters noticed the big camera and started showing off. An epic wipe-out by one of the show-off skaters is on the back of the shirt; it's the skaters version of a blue screen.



  • Deep Navy
  • Bayside Heavy Weight brand
  • Standard T-shirt sizing
  • Sizes ranging from Small to 6X (yes, 6X)
  • 100% preshrunk cotton
  • Machine wash and tumble dry

These shirts were launched during the Southern California Linux Expo and sold out within hours. We even sold the shirts off the backs of two of our employees (by customer request).


Customer Reviews

  • Author: Jill
    The fabric is thick and sturdy. I got it for my boyfriend and he'll probably be wearing it for the next 10 years along with the other shirts he gets at conferences. This shirt is extra nice because of the front and back "punchline". People read the front then notice the back and laugh. My boyfriend loves it.
  • Author: Matt
    Extra thick fabric. Holds its shape. Do they really carry 6XL?