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Just for Fun
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Just for Fun is a quirky, surprisingly funny, rambling and non-chronological / non-linear biography of Linus Torvalds, one of the many sparky instigators of the most significant software revolution of all time. Torvalds calls himself an "accidental revolutionary". He never set out to cause such large waves in the world; he just enjoyed coding. 

Read how it all started in 1981 with Torvalds' grandfather back in Finland, who let him play around on a Vic 20 computer. At 11 years old, Torvalds dove deep into the process of figuring out how computers work, improving on their primitive operating systems. Linus went from being a penniless, introverted code writer in Helsinki in the 80's and early 90's to being the relatively humble leader of a software revolution.

If you are on our website you probably already know who Linus Torvalds is, but did you know that he ate raw spaghetti for many meals while living at home with his parents? He thought it would have taken too long to actually cook the spaghetti. There are many passages in this book that we quote in our ZaReason shop as we build our computers and banter about how this wonderfully open and free revolution began. 


Quotes such as "Open source makes sense" and "Greed is never good" are all part of the value of having this book on your shelf. Next time you discuss free and open software with someone who "just doesn't get it", this adorable little book takes on yet another use as a projectile.